Box Lunch (Boys Basketball)

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Sign up now to order a box lunch meal for your child before heading out to the game.

If interested in ordering a box lunch, place all orders for 2019 now. We will not offer box lunches on a weekly basis as we have in the past. You are not required to order lunch for every game; that is your decision. The last day to place orders is January 9th at 8:00 AM. We cannot accept late orders. No refunds will be issued on the day of the game.

All meals can be picked up in the West Faculty Dining Room in the refrigerator marked, "BOYS BASKETBALL". If the lunch is not picked up, your student-athlete can pick up the next day at any time. All meals will be held for 36 hours before being tossed in the garbage.

For more information, please contact:

Sally Miller
[email protected]