Fine Arts (Theatre, The Compass)

"The Compass" is a groundbreaking, live interactive performance that explores the intersection of technology and decision-making. The audience will interact with the actors through virtual breakout rooms and audience polls - all of which are optional.

At the center of "The Compass" is a trial, determining the fate of a teenager who used an app to make a life-altering decision. In this play, every show will end differently, depending on what you, the audience, decide as to the jury. Join us as we navigate the question: When someone else, or something else, tells you what to do, what exactly are you responsible for?

This play is recommended for mature audiences only, as it confronts such issues as racism and school violence.

Please contact Lindy Fox with any questions:

[email protected]

03/05/21Friday7:00 PM
03/06/21Saturday2:00 PM
03/06/21Saturday7:00 PM
03/07/21Sunday2:00 PM